FBINAA New York State & Eastern Canada Chapter

Representing members of the FBI National Academy Associates
from New York State and the Eastern Provinces of Canada

Chapter President's Message


As we welcome the 2020 Board of Governors and Chapter Officers, I can’t help but think about my path to becoming the president of the prestigious New York-Eastern Canada FBI National Academy chapter.  In 2004 I was first promoted to Sergeant and it was then that I first learned of the FBI National Academy. My mentors, too many to mention here, all insisted that one of the finest training opportunities was provided by the National Academy.  They insisted that future leaders needed to attend the national academy, not only for its academic excellence but also for the opportunity to network and learn from other law enforcement professionals across the globe.  In 2006 as part of session 227 I was afforded that opportunity, I was not disappointed and have learned that the global reach of our organization has provided me with a group of professionals who I can reach out to at any time for assistance and guidance.

Our Chapter is one of the largest and most active in the association. The networking and experience at our disposal are second to none.  As leaders of this chapter we are committed to providing great training, networking opportunities and developing friendships both professional and personal that will last a lifetime.  The membership is the life blood of our organization and I am honored to represent the members of the chapter when working with the public and private sector.

Each NA member has something to offer, to our active members thank you for your commitment to the chapter and organization. Your commitment has provided the path for this chapter and the outreach you do or have done has impacted many, our scholarships, the youth leadership program wellness training and any number of speakers over the years who have taken the time to share their expertise with us has made us a better and more knowledgeable. If you have fallen in arrears or lost touch with the chapter I urge you to reach out to us or visit the NA website and re-enroll, Alumni have been given the opportunity of a lifetime and all reference the NA when resume building or applying for employment after law enforcement. Additionally, your experience and knowledge is extremely valuable and should be handed down to those who are new to our organization and are currently navigating their law enforcement careers. In 2020 we will continue to see new challenges for law enforcement; changing laws, upcoming communication upgrades and the well-being of officers will impact all our agencies. We as an association have the opportunity and responsibility to provide our experience and training to our law enforcement partners and the communities in which we serve. 

September 24-27, 2020 we will host our chapter re-trainer at the Marriott hotel in Melville NY, it will be the first time in 25 years that we have returned to Long Island and the committee is working hard to provide the member and invited guests with an outstanding program. The conference information will be posted on chapter website and on the FBINAA Connect app. Each year our chapter hosts ten to fifteen events a year within our three offices, Buffalo, Albany and New York, I encourage you to attend an event and participate in one of the chapter’s many committees.

I look forward to working with the chapter officers, the National Academy and you in 2020!

William Leahy
Chapter President

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