FBINAA New York State & Eastern Canada Chapter

Representing members of the FBI National Academy Associates
from New York State and the Eastern Provinces of Canada

Chapter President's Message

January 1, 2017

To the Members of New York State and Eastern Canada Chapter of the FBINAA: 

Currently there are more people living than has ever died; fact or fiction; this is fiction. But a fact is that the National Academy is one of the elite organizations in law enforcement that has ever existed. Many of us fought hard to attend the National Academy, but after attending the academy and making the many personal and professional sacrifices to attend, a good number of us stop participating in Alumni events. 
Yes there are many reasons and they all are valid and very important at the time; family always comes first. But this Chapter hosts well over twenty events a year in all corners of New York State and Canada and to be active, all you have to make is one event. A couple of hours away from the telephone to enjoy friends, colleagues and people with similar likes as you. Please if you are receiving this letter and you are a dues paying member of the Chapter and Association, become a more active dues paying member and make an event. If you are not dues current, become dues current and come to some events ... you will not be disappointed.

Getting a greater number of people active will be the corner stone of my year as President. The new Board will be vital partners in the work to be done, and with a little work by all, we will increase our active membership easily. We all can invite a session mate of the NA or a co-worker from another session to join us at an event. Without our membership the Chapter is just an association, with our membership we are a family.

Thank you to Tony Karam. Tony, there is no way for the members to understand your dedication to professionalism, your commitment to excellence and your desire to give back to the chapter. The results speak for themselves, Tony and I have been on the phone almost every day for the last 13 months, bouncing things off each other and brain storming to provide the best Chapter possible. Our new site www.nysecfbinaa.org is an effective communication tool; please check frequently for news & Chapter events and feel welcome to contact me.  Tony’s conference in Saratoga Springs was a great success and was very well attended. We had some fun times and great training was presented. Thank you to the folks at the Gideon/Putnam Resort, a great place. We have entered into a new phase of our development as a Chapter and have secured sponsorship from an array of professional groups, First Tactical, Forum Direct, AMU, Verizon and Delaware North to name a few, thanks to Tony.

In 2017 this Chapter will not have a Chapter Conference, the National Conference is in Washington DC. We will fully support the DC Chapter’s conference and the 2018 Conference Committee will be there to promote the upcoming 2018 Conference in Quebec City. I am asking that all our members, who have attend National Conferences in the past, attend DC. If you have never experienced a National, consider making a trip to our Nation’s Capital. The Amtrak train runs right into DC and it’s a great ride on the rails. The DC Chapter is working on an NA discount, so look into it and consider attending the Conference and the 2017 Chapter Business meeting in DC.

During the next 18 months will be a very busy time for our family, as the Host Chapter for the 2018 National Conference in Quebec City, we have a great deal of work to do. Those of you who have attended National’s in the past know what you liked and what you did not like about those events and cities, so get involved. We are hoping to provide world class event to the rest of the NA. Our Conference Chairmen Dan Kinsella and the entire team have already put forth, two years’ worth of work and the next 18 months will fly by.     

I would like to remind you that dues renewal will begin January 5th, you will be notified by email; please renew early. A Chapter goal is to have 1,100 active dues paying members in 2017.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the Chapter President during this very important time in our Chapter’s history. I hope this year is as successful as the past but not as bright as the future.

Stay Safe; Happy, Healthy and Active New Year!

William [Bill] Carbone 

Bare Arms

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